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Not so Wee bit o Landscaping

So we are done with the main work of refreshing the yard. It looks a lot better but there’s still some stuff to do. Plantings, pressure washing and building out The raised garden area.

All in all I’m glad we did it, maybe could have been cheaper if we had done more ourselves. but if I’m honest I don’t know how we could have done it and still had the use of our bodies afterwards. I don’t consider myself old yet but whenever I start moving cinder blocks or bags of soil around I’m quickly reminded I ain’t young no more 😛

Pretty sure this van wasn’t designed with this in mind. Fun fact about 250 of these garden stones would be the smart limit…
Got these on offer up, will need to be pressure washed but half price and no need for the gym today 🙂

Story’s best told in pictures anyway…

There are actually bird of paradise in there… you can see them now

Our guys pulled out a number of plants that were choking this poor Bird O Paradise and tree…Previous owners had a very interesting method for landscaping pretty sure its called whatever pops up grows…

Bushes whacked ground being prepared for stone
Murder plant home under construction I had to remind the guys that weed barrier would be in here. Attention to detail is a funny thing not everybody gets it…
Looks pretty rough with all the hedges whacked back…
Future site of the veggie garden, Another attention to detail area, our guys didn’t make sure the grass they were removing was square to the house. Moises insures me he will straighten it out…

So that’s the areas roughed out. Over the next few Days our guys came back and slowly the yard takes shape

Former weed alley now nicely stoned immaculate with heavy duty weed barrier underneath…
Future veggie production facility
Murder plant row
Tree circle probably should be bigger
Coming together

Well that’s enough for now, next time I post on this the landscape refresh will be complete. Then I can get busy on the garage arrangement so I can finally put that big caddy under cover… 😛

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  1. Lovely to see



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