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Spooky Hill


So like most people due to Covid 19 we have been spending a lot of time at home. I’m still working for now and we do our best to remain productive. I’m working on some new pieces and posting a lot of extra stuff we have lying around on my Etsy Stores; Box the Moon and Ecstatic Pixel , Fanny has been working to learn Divi a wordpress site builder we purchased.

Phoenix Rise

Sometimes though you just need to get out so we look for something easy and fun. This last Sun was such a day

Spooky Hill is a local “ attraction ?”

We found it online. An hour from Orlando near Bok Tower, it’s supposedly got some Native American history and sounded just weird enough. The idea is you go there and drive up this hill put the car over a line painted on the road in neutral and “ something “ happens.

We went, we found it eventually in a kind of run down neighborhood complete with signage and even a public school who’s mascot is apparently Casper the ghost…

Casper University

Here’s what you eventually find…

It’s All About Presentation

I can only imagine how tired the people on this street get watching morons like us drive slowly by looking for spooktasticness… Believe it or not there were people already there so we had to wait…We did the thing twice and were unable to discover the Spooky,.

3 possible reasons for this

* Our car is impervious to spookiness, if so Chrysler is to be applauded…

* We are just not doing it right. Always a possibility.

* The car rolls backwards because we are on a steep hill and what people perceive as flat is not.

# 3 seems reasonable to me as the road is at a pretty steep incline and I don’t believe our van is defying the laws of Physics

The story goes; Long ago Yaddah yaddah, Indian village, ” where did the Indians go? “, pesky giant gator, chief fights gator to the death creating the swampy area at base of hill, “ wouldn’t the gator already be in a swamp”? Later on dudes on horses find their horses get tired walking up this really quite impressive hill for Florida and the “ legend “ is born.

If you’re wondering why this is a thing your obviously a sarcastic bastard like me 😛

Up ahead in the distance you see a signpost…

Ok. Not that signpost…
The Line Of Spookieness

Fanny presents the Spooky

The Terror Begins…


And like I said that’s basically it. Our car rolled backwards… Our car in neutral on a hill rolled backwards…

I suppose you could freeze in terror and reverse into the swamp, possibly angering the giant Indian gator ghost… honestly I don’t get it, if anyone knows what we are missing feel free to share. After the fact I looked online for videos here’s one YouTube video.

These people were obviously impressed by something we in our jaded Los Angeleno mindset must not be able to appreciate.

The whole thing is on a hill. Newsflash gravity exist…

I suppose in the current social political environment I shouldn’t be shocked that people don’t understand gravity. after all it is 2020, 3.5 years into a Donald Trump presidency… Yeah you heard me right, Donald John Trump, the mail order steak guy that bankrupted casinos and paints his face orange is the president…

Leader of The Free World

This guys the president so anything is possible.

In closing; Spook Hill, it’s a real place with a hill and gravity and everything 😛



Gravity is real, cars roll downhill and 4 months cooped up in a house ” even with someone you love ” is beginning to make us all a bit crazy. Wear the damn mask, observe social distancing, wash your hands And maybe just maybe we can get through this mess and see something cool in 2021…

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