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Work Work Work…

Aug. was a ” very ” busy month I was lucky enough to be swamped with work, especially as now in Sept. Fanny and I are finally getting hitched so I know I will not be able to take on as much work again till Oct… This is the first post of what I am going to call my work log. The idea is simple enough I will post some images and explanations of my work as I go along. Should help me keep and eye on just what it is I do and might be interesting for others to see as I will be sharing more of the process here instead of just pretty pictures of final results…

Started off doing some concept sketches for Alison Sadler, I don’t even remember at this point what it was for but was kind of fun… Alison Is my very first commercial design client so when she calls even if it is last minute I don’t say no. She needed some design sketches to get her team rolling by morning so I am making coffee.

 Concept Plastic Dudes

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A lil Sketchbook of China

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I have decided to make a collection of sketches done from things I find here in China, I may  develop some of these into more complete illustrations later but in meantime this will be a nice way to document the trip and give me some much needed milage with my sketchwork.

Real KungFu

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Just some sketches

OK so I am doing my homework and forcing myself to do some sketches. I have been working a lot and truthfully I am just not called upon by my clients to sketch anymore. As a traditionally trained artist I cannot allow myself to lose this most basic of skills. I have decided to sketch on my cintiq using photos I have taken recently as the subject. Maybe in the future I will purchase the smaller portable cintiq and take this exercise outside but for now this will suffice.

I found this bike on the sidewalk on a recent walk through Liantang. You find these everywhere outfitted with saddlebag style cargo racks. I am thinking this one is probably to deliver bottled water.

Water Delivery Bike

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