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  1. chip #

    Yo I miss you!!!

  2. Humberto #

    David, I read your blog and found it “riveting” putting it mildly. Question, had you had the latest Apple Book do you think the problem would have been averted? This is very relevant to me as I am in the process of buying one; like you, my main workstation is at home with a PC and a Mac OS X Version 10.7.4.

    Please give my regards to your wife whom I have had yet the pleasure of meeting her acquaintance.


    • Hi Humberto riveting huh? hehehe glad you like it. I am sure things could have been better during my computer issue if I had a new machine, this macbook is a bit long in the tooth and it has a lot of stuff crammed into it. Don’t know how much more reliable the new one would be however.

      I have heard a lot of complaints about the new OS which doesn’t surprise me. Apple has adopted Microsofts habit of releasing things before they are ready and for me as a general rule I don’t change the OS until the get all the little bugs under control. Apple makes a good product but honestly I am getting less impressed. My brand new 6 months G5 tower is powerful as hell but its also already displaying serious problems power supply malfunction random HD speed ups when not under load etc. In contrast my 5 year old G5 is rock steady so…


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