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A little bit about me.

I am a Designer / Illustrator serving the Entertainment industry. I have always loved art and learned to draw at a very young age, like many of my relatives. However there were not many examples in my life of people who enjoyed success in their artistic careers. I decided in High school to try out the other family occupation, the military.

I enlisted in the NAVY on what was then called the SEA COLLEGE program. It was designed to attract high quality recruits as it was intended that after serving 2 years active duty you would enter college and possibly return as an officer. My time in service was a blast and I wouldn’t change anything about it but I knew by the end that a career in the military was not for me. I decided to give in to my nature and pursue a career in the arts. I was very lucky in that one of my best friends ” Erik Reiter ” was attending the Prestigious Art Center College of Design in Pasadena. E.R. showed me around and I was hooked. I applied for and was accepted to the Transportation Design track in 1993 on Scholarship. The Scholarship was a god send as there is no way I could have attended ACCD without it. As a side note; thanks to Mr Nick, ” my high school art teacher”,  you were correct.

Over the next 4 years I maneuvered myself through the ACCD experience, Won two increases for my scholarship, Lived in a garage, Lost my scholarship ( long story ), completed my Reserve military commitment and graduated with a BS in Transportation Design / Entertainment.

After graduation I was lucky enough to get hired by BRC Imagination Arts to work on the Blue Planet Themepark. I worked at BRC for a little over 2 years until I decided to embark on the exciting journey of freelance consultant. In the years since then I have broadened my client base and now work in Television and Film production as well as with my long time Themed Entertainment Clientele.

Over the years I have gone from producing all my work by hand to now working almost 100% digitally. Having established a proven track record with my clients I am able to work remotely, this allows me to split my time between my home base in Baton Rouge Louisiana, Los Angeles CA . and Shenzhen China.

For those interested in seeing my portfolio you can find it here. DJ Gooddesign. I am always available for work so feel free to contact me.

I am hopeful that Ecstatic Pixel will provide me with the opportunity to connect with other creative types. I intend to document my experiences in life and work and all the in between, I hope you will enjoy the journey with me.


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