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Short days trip…

With the Covid lock down everybody’s experiencing we have decided to try and finally see some of the many outdoor parks and such here in central Florida.

Today’s plan was to go to Wekiwa Springs to walk or ride our bikes and get some sun. it’s about 30 min drive from our house and after making a fabulous “ if I do say so myself “ Ham and bacon sandwich for our lunch, we hit the road. Traffics not too bad and soon we found ourselves outside the park greeted by signs declaring full to capacity.

I guess everybody else had the same idea 😛

We then decided to alter and go check out Kelly park another outdoor recreation area.

At 3 bucks for both of us to get in how can you wrong…

There were only a few other people there but I imagine at normal times this place would be packed…

No body here

After parking and unloading our bikes we set out to explore. 2 things of note, we are both now assured of the sad state of our physical condition and that even though you may never forget how to ride a bike that doesn’t mean you will do it well… gonna need to work on this 🙂

The van is useful

Altogether we rode for about an hour and then had lunch, sandwich was excellent! . The park is quite nice and I can see returning especially when you can swim… only wildlife we saw was an otter a shy trash panda and some cranes, supposedly deer, bear, panthers and gators are possible… we did hang out with some squirrels during lunch who very much liked pieces from my excellent sandwich…

Florida has a lot to see I intend to get to know more of it over the next few years… that is of course if we don’t get shut in again because of this damn virus…

Stay well, stay creative 😛

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