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A New Start for Ecstatic Pixel


The New Logo ” So Far “

here is tis May of 2020 and like pretty much everyone on earth our lives have been put on hold. I have decided to use this time to reinvigorate my efforts for life and work outside of Universal Creative. I’m happy to still be working on the new Epic Universe project but no one really knows whats going to happen in the future so…

I have made a page for EcstaticPixel on facebook and Instagram still trying to figure out the best way to build some momentum with that. Fanny and I have redone the portfolio DJGOODDESIGN site using a development tool called DIVI Its quite cool 🙂 will share that when its fully complete.


Took a stab at some logo designs for the Blog and eventual website. Going for a fun retro tech look…



Other Variations on the theme

And finally I have put together an Etsy store for my artwork in case anyones interested. The name is of course ECSTATICPIXEL :P. This will be a companion to our long operating BOX THE MOON and MY1000WORDS shops but with all original content versus the hobby supplies and vintage art reproductions. The concept right now is for Giclee prints of my artwork and original graphics for apparel and products. I would love to offer prints of other artist’s I know as well and I am thinking of how to present that idea. I am hopeful that this can eventually lead to transitioning from purely commercial work to more of a fine art mode but we shall see…

And Finally here are some late examples of the kind of painting I enjoy doing for myself these all started off as sketches on my IPAD PRO using Autodesk Sketchbook Pro…





MermaidsHope this update finds you well. stay safe and whatever else is going on be creative…


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  1. david goodwin #

    It’s Dad! I think it’s beautiful! keep it up! I am sure some of your artist friends would be glad to
    have their work displayed on your site, Matt, Danilo come to mind. love you



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