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Life in O Lando

How many times must I say it ” its been a long time ” not even sure how long what i do know is a lot has changed. Since returning to USA in May of 2015 I have
* Taken a full time position at universal Creative ” Just had my year anniversary in March ”
* Sold the house in Louisiana ” made a slight profit and probably avoided a bullet ‘
* Moved to Orlando Florida and purchased a great house
* And last but certainly not least, convinced my wife to live with me on the same continent 🙂


Some cute chick I picked up at City Walk 🙂


Gators love O Lando…


Lookin good in Blue Fuzzy


Oh Yeah!

I am going to try and get back to recording events here again, maybe even finish up some of those entries from the China life… Currently trying to organize my photo library which suffered a  meltdown thanks to Apples completely inadequate ” Photos ” APP and a dead Hard Drive

When I started ecstatic Pixel 7 years ago the idea was to document my life and experiences while in China. I wanted to share with my family and friends a look into a world most Americans know nothing about. In that regards I feel it has been successful, in fact many of the events recorded here would have been lost to my memory without it.

Life inevitably moves on and now I am focusing on my career here in the states and with the shut down of Meag U ” Fanny’s work since 2008 ” we ” once again back for the foreseeable future.

Over the next few months I will be addressing what the future holds…

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