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Quick before I forget again

Just this morning had a technical issue with my 20 WSX  Wacom Cintiq tablet  ” again ” and realized ” again ” maybe I should just write this down so the next time I might remember how to fix it instead of every time having to search the forums… Probably much better for my spirit as well since will mean less cursing and hand waving.

This will be short and maybe even helpful to someone, as there is nothing more frustrating then a sophisticated ” read expensive ” piece of tech that mysteriously no longer will do its job!

For those who are not aware Wacom makes the best graphics tablets for use by digital artist. They are indispensable tools for anyone wanting to create art on a computer. The flagship of their long line of products is the Cintiq which is essentially a monitor that you can draw directly on, using a highly sensitive ” pen ” stylus. Expensive but well worth the money… This is what I am talking about, although this one is brand new and way nicer then mine.

Maybe someday can get the new one...

Maybe someday can get the new one…

Looks like they finally decided to upgrade the monitor to HD… Interestingly enough thats right around the price I paid for mine 6 or 7 years ago…

Mine is not quite as sexy but still gets the job done. Having brought it over here to China for work this time maybe when I return to states can justify the new one 🙂

The Beast

The Beast

So Wacoms are cool, and Cintiqs are the coolest kids on the block. That being said I have had much experience over the years with them when, ” for no earthly understandable reason” simply stop working. Both my 20WSX and my smaller 13HD will do this. My favorite issue is when the stylus does not register on the tablet but rather on some other monitor in a completely random fashion making it completely useless. The Cintiq has a calibration utility that allows you to make sure that your stylus will be accurate when you draw.

calibrate it

calibrate it

When you open it the screen goes black and you get a series of cross hair points to touch in sequence. This is supposed to calibrate the pen. All fine and great  when it works…



Many times, ” usually at the 11th hour on a deadline ” it decides to not work. You may get the crosshairs on another monitor, the pen may not register at all or I have even had it tell me that no such device exist. This of course is after I just finished using it and I am holding the pen which doesn’t exist… Its technology so who knows what causes it, I am actually pretty careful with my equipment but maybe my ” energy / Chi / Fung Shuei is off ” whatever the cause its frustrating and makes me feel like finding out just how far I could throw this expensive non existing thing. My guess about 15 to 20 feet its quite heavy 🙂

It happens on Macs and PCs, it happens on all of my computers so I know this is not a hallucination or something specific to my computer its a problem with Wacom. Sometimes when you produce great products the tendency is to get lazy, Adobe, Apple, Wacom are all guilty of this…

Enough talk here is the best solution I have found.

Lets assume you are not an idiot and the cables are still attached. Go to your application folder and find the wacom folder open it.


Find the Wacom tablet utility open it.


You will see a window that looks like this.


You want to choose all users and hit remove. Go back and calibrate again…

Easy as pie when you can remember to do this. Nothing else works for me. Even uninstalling the drivers and reinstalling them doesn’t work if you don’t first force it to remove its current user data. I have no idea why, I don’t even really care… You can also remove the software from here but so far this has fixed my problem every time. This is of course how you would do this on a mac, There are other issues dealing with PC usage but I no longer use them so… If you need that info or just want to know more here is a link to the place I found the solution, ” this time “. Surprisingly its actually on a Wacom site in the past I always found it in some obscure place maybe wacom is finally trying to address the issue…

Hope someone finds this useful, I know I will again, as surely the problem will return.



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  1. Fanny #

    Great article, thanks.


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