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Saga of “Leo’s Kingdom” – Packing for China, The Journey Begins

I hope this doesn’t bore too much but I like it when I get actual info I can use from an online source, and my particular experience might come in handy for someone so…

I will be going not just to explore China but also to work and will not be with Fanny in our apartment in Shenzhen. I need to bring whatever tools and equipment needed, with me as I know from experience, finding things in China is not always easy. Pretty funny when you consider that almost everything we buy is made there but its the truth nonetheless…

I know from Danilo and Jake that the client would like me to work by hand for at least a portion of this project, ” This is being requested more often recently, maybe the pendulum is swinging back…” That means I will need those tools as well as my regular digital gear.  I pack 2 big cases one for clothes and personal and one full of art supplies and computer gear. This is ok since on international flights you have a larger weight limit but it will be a pain for maneuvering. In addition to the carry ons I have a great rolling computer bag and good backpack. I always carry my most valuable stuff in these as at least if something happens to them I will know what and why… There are specific things you never place in checked baggage, Money ” obviously ” important documents and for me  my laptop and hard drives.

I will be adding my new traveling cintiq to the mix since it is much smaller and lighter than my old full size one.

This is what we imagine it will be

12 WX

12 WX

This is the reality when it comes time to pack…

Cables Galore

Cables Galore


I am also taking my new macpro laptop and my basic analog drawing tools.  Basic set for me is 2 boxes each Prismacolor and Verithin colored pencils in Indigo Blue, Sharpie markers in black thick and extra thin tips, electric pencil sharpener and kneaded and electric draftsman’s eraser and assorted sweeps and curves. I even bring 2 pads of 18 X 24 Vincent Vellum to work on. For those who know this is the ” Good Stuff “they don’t even make it anymore but thanks to my days of doing it all by hand I still have a stash…

Tolls of the Trade

Tolls of the Trade

All This adds considerable weight to my packing but I am going for work and this first contract is for 3 months so its well worth the trouble…

A general note for artist going to  work in China whatever electronic gear you have except for computers and their peripherals will not work in China. Well technically they will work one time and then possibly blow up, so its worth your time to invest in a power converter before hand. The chinese use a different voltage (220V) I forgot one time and fried my brand new super fancy alarm clock so… While the computers will operate I would suggest the converter for them as well just to be safe but they do seem to handle it without much issue.

A word on luggage. It’s absolutely essential you bring good luggage, not only to protect your gear but also to make it easy to transport. I brought cheaper luggage the first trip to China one bag per flight as the luggage was unusable after its journey…

If you have never been to mainland China you may not understand this fully; but trust me, you need bags that can roll over rough terrain and cushion your gear. this is just as true in a major city as it is in the countryside.

This is a bit extreme but you get the idea 😛

Rough Road

Rough Road

I have a good Samsonite hard case and a great bag we picked up in Taiwan. Both of these are full size with expansion space and have the 4 caster rollers. This is crucial the bags that only have 2 castors will make your trip that much more difficult. Trust me its going to be challenging no matter what you do so take care of what you can control…

Good Luggage

Good Luggage

Good Luggage2

Good Luggage2

Good Luggage1

Good luggage

As I travel with a good deal of computer gear I know from experience you must prepare it to get past the security types at the airports. I try and package all of my considerable cables and peripherals into neat packages usually inside gallon size ziplock bags.

Have cables will travel...

Have cables will travel…

The security agents will still be very curious but much less likely to take you bag apart and it makes it easier to put back together when they do. If you carry external hard drives put them in your carry on, for some reason the powers that be lose their mind if you pack it in checked luggage. My project manager friend turned me onto a great little product for wrapping cords its worth it…



Every trip I get a little bit better at the logistics but its a process. My next luggage will probably be even more rugged as even my Taiwan bags are getting worse for wear. maybe something like these.

Future Gear

Future Gear

Thats enough for now more to come…




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