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I Know What You Did This Summer…

Well Its been quite awhile since I was able to post here. This is due to my having been working as Senior Designer on a Concept Master Plan for an indoor Theme Park  in Shijiazhuang China since June. Sitting here in Shenzhen I can finally put some of this down.

My internet has been an absolute joke both because of where I am in China and because I am living out of the Holiday Inn  There is no access to WordPress ( they seem to be on China’s no go list ) and even the VPN which I am using now to access WP will not work in a Chinese hotel.

On a side note, Holiday Inn in China is actually quite nice. Much better then many of the other places I have stayed while in country and extremely reasonable by US standards I believe our rooms are around $60 a night…

I quite literally do not have the time or energy  to begin talking about the project yet, especially as its not over and I will be heading back in 3 days for round 3 or 4 not even sure anymore… I am enjoying the project as it means steady work and I am proud of what we have achieved so far in spite of the many – many – many issues…

Suffice to say we are designing the largest indoor Theme Park in the world its total area is right around 246,000 square meters, 7 Themed Zones and will hold over 60 Rides, Shows and Attractions. At some point I will post a more thorough explanation but for now these are a few concept pieces most of which from our first pass.

CyberWorld Entrance

CyberWorld Entrance

Whale Puppet - Concept Sketch

Whale Puppet – Concept Sketch

Enchanted Forest

Enchanted Forest

Kiosk Concepts - Stationary and MobileKiosk Concepts – Stationary and Mobile

Working in China is a blast but it is not for everyone…

Talk soon


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  1. darla goodwin #

    thanks for sharing son,WOW



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