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Getting Back On…

It has been many moons since the last post, I always have such great intentions but then life happens and well…

Anyway I figured would make a quick post to make sure I still remember how. I have been doing some sketching exercises this week after hours as I have been feeling rusty and in some ways jaded on the work. It has been so long since I have just drawn anything for no reason other then its enjoyable. I Hope you enjoy I intend to keep at it and hopefully will add this skill set back where it should be.

For anyone who is interested these are just quick form studies of vehicles. I went to school for Transportation design so it feels natural to start there.

side view studies

side view studies


It has quite literally been years since I have drawn a car other then one that was for placement in a painting. Its fun and I am actually happy that I can still find the shapes. I am not thinking about any specific brands or purposes simply allowing myself to enjoy the process.

More Vroom Vroom

More Vroom Vroom

These would all be pretty standard coupe / sedan bodies maybe later on I will get into more varied types… Its funny using the Wacom and the PS brushes you can actually get a very similar feel to the way we used to do it with pens ink and chalk. Lot less toxic this way.

last cars for now...

last cars for now…

next I did some more free form shapes thinking mostly on the lines of either submersibles or small space craft.

Subs or Ships?

Subs or Ships?

I am a huge Sci Fi fan so I love space craft but submersibles are also really amazing and have similar design needs; strong hulls, multi vector movement, exotic materials…

I have no idea what most of this is as its just exploration I find that most concept work is like this . We do things more out of an instinct then a conscious decision. the funny part is that very often the designers instinct is correct even though he or she may not even know why…


Lastly here is something I really want and hopefully will live long enough to experience… I am starting to push myself a bit more abstract now, less like a pen stroke and more like a paintbrush.

Hover Bikes For Everyone...

Hover Bikes For Everyone…

Hope you enjoyed that as much as I did, really need to continue its a shame to have skills and not use them and my drawing has withered from disuse.

But I am hopeful

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  1. Fanny Lin #

    i enjoyed a lot



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