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Things to come…

I have been thinking hard on ways to improve my exposure to potential clients recently. My portfolio site is doing pretty well as a place to send people interested in my work and has tons of examples of previous projects. DJGooddesign has been my online portfolio for going on 9 years now and is in its 6th design iteration.

I have over the years established what I think is a pretty worthwhile architecture with separate sections for my 3 main types of work, Design / Illustration for Themed Entertainment, Film and Television and 2 sub sections for personal work and Graphic Design.

The issue as I see it is attracting new clients while quickly conveying my skill and experience. Having recently updated the site I can identify three main problems. Number one is the long time between updates I seem to average about once every year or so. The second issue would be a lack of in depth contextual information. And lastly I think my current online portfolio is getting a bit heavy with previous work. A related desire would be to have my site optimized for use on mobile devices something that the current build is woefully inadequate for.

All of these issues can be solved with changes to the current site but I am thinking a more interesting way would be to make better use of this blog…

I am thinking that a good approach will be to regularly post examples of my current projects along with a more in depth description of the work and the processes behind it. This will serve to address two of my current sites issues by providing a regular update of the most current work and for those who are interested a deeper look at the full scope of what I do. My final issue will be addressed on the main site by adding a new archive section where old projects can go…

My current site can be found here , I am very interested to hear any comments or suggestions anyone reading this may have for me so feel free…

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  1. For what it’s worth I’d say your portfolio site looks a bit old-hat. Why not move all your work across here where you can keep it more easily updated? Also best to lose the flash since nobody on smartphones/tablets can see it.

    • While old hat is descriptive could use some more specific critique fire away David…


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