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Nada Bunk Zippo

On this the 6th of September 2012 I firmly attest to having done almost nothing productive all day. This is not to say I did nothing it simply is a way of describing the overall importance of today’s activities.

List of todays accomplishments

1.  Drank coffee

2.  Looked at FB and probably posted some stuff but cant really remember now…

3.  Talked to friends on skype while ” researching ” some information on programs I don’t know how to use.

4.  Played Infinity Blade II for an unspecified amount of time.

5.  Lunch with B at a local Hong Kong style restaurant less then 5 min walk from apartment.

6.  More Infinity Blade II for another unspecified amount of time.

7.  Nap time

8.  Read review online about Infinity Blade II

9.   made dinner using leftovers from lunch and some veg we bought yesterday.

10. Something so important that the memory escapes me at the moment

11. Charged Ipad II as Infinity Blade II used up my battery

12. Documented my experience for posterity…

Now some would say this was a waste of time and part of me would agree but maybe I need the rest.

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