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Busy weekend Day 1

This weekend was a busy one as I will most likely be heading back stateside in a few weeks. I am to be working as an art director for a small themed attraction which means I need to be in Los Angeles for the meetings. Before I go there are some things we have been meaning to do, the goal today will be to get the camera repaired ( again ) and check out a reportedly  great hamburger  joint in Sho Kou. Today is pretty cold and we a bit reluctant to bundle up. My newly acquired fuzzy slippers are warm but wont do for the journey ahead.

Dragon Feet

After a quick breakfast bite from the local street vendors we are on our way well at least waiting for bus Its been pretty cold last few days here thus the heavy coats. I believe we picked up Fanny’s in Beijing for around $50 US dollars. It is quite warm and she looks cute as an Eskimo…

Warm B

The public transport here in Shenzhen is quite good although extremely crowded by western standards, However given a choice between driving a car in China and the bus or train its a no brainer.

Bus Stop

Our first stop will be near the Shenzhen bookstore or Book City ” ShuCheng ” which also has a convenient Starbucks and metro station.  Our destination is far and I need coffee. Lian tang; where we live, is somewhat outside the city center so the bus here is pretty empty. This will change quickly as we go, eventually it will be standing room only…

Riding The Bus

First stop Caffeine Central.


Coffee is catching on here big time, I think it has a lot to do with Starbucks marketing approach and as its an imported luxury the Shenzhen folks are going for it, you can get tea but I still like my regular coffee.

Orange Mocha Frappachino

Those prices are in RMB of course which means my regular Grande coffee is going to cost me 29 bucks or around $4.50 US. Expensive by any standard especially when you consider this is around the cost of a full lunch meal… There are other options but in truth right now only Starbucks delivers a good cup of Joe.

35 bucks for coffee

Coffee in hand we head across the street to China Merchants Bank where I can withdraw some money as for almost anything here cash is still king.

Street corner

ATMs inside

Grab Some Cash

Our next stop will be the computer area ” Sai Ge ” the metro is still pretty empty as most folks are at work right now.

Closing Doors

This is the third time for me to visit here and it is almost deserted compared to before. Chinese New Year is fast approaching and since most people travel to their hometowns to be with family this is probably the reason.

Sei Ge

Lenovo is a chinese computer company which seems to be doing very well here in China. They are showing off their new tablet which looks pretty good, but for the money I think the I Pad2 will still be best for me.

Lenovo Tablets

This place is really massive 7 or 8 stories packed with booths selling any kind of electronics or computer parts you can think of. You could spend the whole day here easily  but that is not our plan.

Sei Ge

Our mission is to find someone who can replace the screen on my panasonic lumix Zs3 camera, I love the thing but as it has no view finder when the screen goes out ( second time now ) it is useless. I contacted Panasonic in the states and they wanted $200 bucks and 2 weeks. lets see what we can do here…

Techie Heaven

We were unable to find a Panasonic booth but we did find someone who will have the screen replaced for 350 RMB in one hour so we leave it in his capable hands to go on the search for lunch in Shou Ko. This leg of our journey will be using a recently completed line as you can see very few people here.

New Metro

This is what we are after; a real western style hamburger, the egg on top reminds me of the Australian style burgers I had with Jeni back in the day. We are getting hungry so should be really good.

The Mythical Super Hamburger

Shou Ko is very near the water and early in our walk we find this waterfront area. Shenzhen was originally just a sleepy fishing village only 30 years ago but this is the first time I have seen anything that would make you think that was true.

Fishing Boats

These lazy dogs are guarding a military building of some kind. I have a feeling they might not be so relaxed if we walked in there…

Sleeping Dogs Lie

The streets here are almost empty and they are very clean, I think probably as this area is where most ” Gwailo ” or foreigners in Shenzhen live. There are a number of these graphics on the walls here urging good driving, clean living etc… As a side note the only driver we had an issue with so far today, was a white guy in a van driving through the crosswalk so not sure what to say about that…

Fun Graphics

Well we realize now that our search is in vain, Fanny cannot get ahold of ” Selene ” her friend who recommended the hamburger place and as we have been walking for an hour, getting hungrier its time to cut our losses and head back. Saw this on the way back to the Metro I have no idea but its great none the less…


Inside the Metro there are graphics telling you how good it is to use it. Always remember, metro equals ” Success”  non metro equals ” Bad Day “.

Why Use Metro 1

Very Bad day indeed,


This is my new best friend ” Surly Chinese Guy “, not sure why he is looking this way but I figure I can test the newly repaired camera out on him…

the cost of 350 RMB is a bit more then we paid last time the screen was replaced but it was done is a few hours and cost $150 US less then Panasonic wanted so happy to pay it. Of course the camera is now getting and if it breaks again I will just replace it.

350 Bucks Later

We have decided that a trip to Coco Park and the Japanese restaurant there is a good way to end out journey. We order the set meal for around 150 RMB which as you can see is quite a lot of foood. The main problem here is actually the size of our table which for some reason is about half as big as it should be, Food is really good though and after a long walk and no hamburger much appreciated.

Good Food Small Table

Having achieved most of what we set out to do Fanny and I head home, tomorrow its off to Hong Kong to purchase the Ipad 2 Whoo Hoo : )

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  1. Fanny #

    Turns out we did pass by the hamburger place, we just didn’t know that is the one. I guess no restaurant would look like a delisious restaurant at 4pm.

    • Yes I suppose so, a name would have been a good thing! Guess we will have to back again soon…

  2. Rick Ricchad #

    Hi Fanny and David,
    Enjoyed the photos and narative very much. It was good to
    hear from you. Cathy and I are glad that you two are doing
    Yours truly,
    Rick and Cathy

    • Very glad you enjoyed it Mr Rick, will try and keep it interesting…

  3. Enrico Repouz #

    Love your reports – I am very much participating.

    • Glad you like it Rico, keep me posted on your website I am really looking forward to seeing what your work has developed into.


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