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Work Work Work…

Aug. was a ” very ” busy month I was lucky enough to be swamped with work, especially as now in Sept. Fanny and I are finally getting hitched so I know I will not be able to take on as much work again till Oct… This is the first post of what I am going to call my work log. The idea is simple enough I will post some images and explanations of my work as I go along. Should help me keep and eye on just what it is I do and might be interesting for others to see as I will be sharing more of the process here instead of just pretty pictures of final results…

Started off doing some concept sketches for Alison Sadler, I don’t even remember at this point what it was for but was kind of fun… Alison Is my very first commercial design client so when she calls even if it is last minute I don’t say no. She needed some design sketches to get her team rolling by morning so I am making coffee.

 Concept Plastic Dudes

One of my newer clients called me up with an interesting project for a commercial to be produced in Beijing. Its for Loreal China and will star a Chinese Actress Fan Bing Bing. Like most of these projects the time frame is crazy and the workload pretty high First night out did a quick sketch based on a photo to show the general idea…

A shot on set of Fan Bing Bing some serious heels there…

Bing Bing

There will be 3 sets featuring a spiral staircase, Hallway and a balcony. using Sketchup we can develop the design quickly and accurately. The storyline calls for a spiral staircase which the actress will descend with her beautiusnest hair a blowing in the wind…

early staircase

I really liked this early concept, but design is a process.

Loreal stairway design

After many revisions and much painful geometry the director has arrived at a great concept to make the staircase take the shape of a giant 5

Staircase 5

Here is the final color sketch

5 Stairway Final

Here is a shot of the actual set built in Beijing and covered in Gold plate…

Loreal Set

The second one calls for a balcony, this will be built on set and filmed with a backdrop of Hong Kong.

Loreal balcony design

The final illustrated sketch for the balcony. Don’t ask me who the girl is cause I have no idea and had no time to worry about it either

Loreal balcony

Third and final set will be a hallway her is a view of the basic design. All these walls move in order to allow space for the filming.  Mirrors, interesting lighting and of course more gold.

Loreal hallway design

The final design sketch , Make it gold…

Loreal hallway

One of my very favorite clients to work for called me up and has started me off on what will be a real bear of a project for Honda. This will end up being the longest continuous commercial design job I have worked to date. I am tasked to produce 2 sets one of a crash test area and the final ” Hero ” shot. Below is the beginnings of the crash test area at this point there will be some real set pieces ” practical ” and a printed digital painting as a backdrop. This is a first for me in that I am responsible not just for the design of the set environment but will be producing the final ” onscreen ” art for the spot.

Honda Design

This is a sketch showing the design built in sketchup which will become the basis for the backdrop. Everything behind the translucent panel will be a flat image. I had to purchase that stock image from a stock company it cost $500 bucks sometimes I think I am in the wrong business.

Design View

Here is an example of the color illustrations we do constantly along the way to refine the design and push it further towards the final. I believe on this job I ended up doing about 15 for the crash test area.Now I know my bestest buddy Matthias Beeguer is also onboard producing some of the other sets.  This will be great as mat is an amazing artist. Check out his new portfolio site to see what I mean. Fanny and I just designed it for him early in the year.

Crash Test color sketch

Another view of the crash test, using 3D software has really changed the way we work on this stuff, I remember the first commercial I worked on was drawn out by hand and painted in photoshop I believe PS version 4. The really amazing thing to me is how many resources are available now, the car model I am using here is actually a free download of Googles Warehouse. Its not the right year but doesn’t mater.

Honda 2012 Crash Test

Now on to the Hero shot, here is an early concept

Honda 2012 test

A high angle view shows the geometry in SU here everything behind the car will be a backdrop.

Design view

One of the 20 plus color illustrations produced for this set.

Honda 2012 test render

One of my favorite designs but no where near the final design.

Honda test 12

Back on the crash test this is much closer to what will be seen in the final shot. In the end we will lose all the details I spent so much time designing and go to a simple wall with some hazard tape but that is the process.

Interior Crash

The final backdrop plate  remember the stock photo? Its there but as you can see it probably didn’t need to be purchased after all.

Final Plate

This was one of the illustrations that ended up being important for the production designer Stephen Sumney to sell to the director.

Hero Shot

In the end we arrived here the car will be real and the tree will be added in post. At the end I worked on this project for 13 days the longest in my career on a commercial set. I have seen the spot a few times on air now and I have to say it turned out really well so…

Final Hero

David Fitzpatrick called me up to help him design a set for the Japanese market. We are tasked to produce the interior of an airliner. When you consider the requirements for filming it makes sense that whenever you see an aircraft interior on screen you are looking at a set. There just isn’t room inside a real aircraft to film.

Daihatsu design

Our first round attempt, we are repurposing some pieces from a set originally designed for the movie Sex in the City II. Didn’t see the film but the set was pretty amazing

Final first round

The client likes the design but wants a different seat design. David has found one after what can be described as an extensive search, even going so far as to contact the producers of actual business class seating. The cost per unit is extremely high so thats not even an option here. I built a copy of the chair he found and installed it in our illustration and we are done.

New Chairs

This was a fun one for Bud Light. I produced a number of concept sketches for Andy Reznik to promote his ideas.

Bud Light D1

Our idea here is to use a home built looking catapult which will hurl a tackle dummy, cant wait to see the actual spot.

Bud Light D9

Some designs for the projectile dummies.

Bud Light D8

I especially liked these bean bag ones but thats not gonna be the one.

Bud Light D4

A quick color illustration showing a tower of Bud Light cans in the form of goalpost

Bud Light Final color

The final job was another quickie produced for another of my favorite production designers Brock Haughton. Working for Brock is kind of different for me as he specifically does not want to take things into color illustrations. I just produce the designs he needs usually just in SU and he takes it from there. I believe this method is a smart one for him as it doesn’t open the door for the clients and others to get caught up on the details of what in the end is just a design sketch.

Office from hell

I am happy to have the work but it can be really stressful to produce so much in what is really an extremely short period of time. I have shown about 10%  of the actual amount of design sketches, 3 D models and illustrations produced during what ended up being an extremely busy month. A good thing to as Fanny is coming and we are going to get married so will not be able to work like this again for at least a month.

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