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Stop Gap Maneuver

OK its been almost 2 months since last post, in my defense have been very busy with settling back in to life in the states and work… This posting is literally just to get me back into the idea, so much more to come. I am currently going over all the photos taken during my time in China and I hope to make some serious additions here and on Flickr. So just for fun here are some images I found on HD they aren’t in any particular order but they are kind of funny. This first one is from when I first got to China in Nov, Fanny had a toothache and so we went to a clinic, These little girls were either the children of a patient or possibly the doctor ( never did find out ) but they really enjoyed having me in their space and spent the whole time performing…

Lil Gurls

This was some graphics printed on vinyl out side what passes for one of the artist district in Shenzhen, I will post more on this later.

Happy Children of the Revolution

Right outside our apartment building, for some reason I just love the way people here make maximum use of any vehicles abilities. This scooter is barely loaded by Chinese standards, again will post more on this type of thing later.


Karaoke is serious in Asia, Here we have a rare cameo of Minky Charles.

Nice Shades

I suppose we could be paying homage to the gods of  taiwanese pop music, or maybe just a bit drunk…

Here come trouble

I took many pictures of various parts of Shenzhen at night, the textures are really amazing especially after a rain. his place was downstairs from the dentist office.

Night Garage

We took a trip to Da Fen art village ( where they make the fake art ) I have a bunch of interesting pics from here again more for later. As for the pic god only knows what he is supposed to be but pretty cool anyway.

Red Dough Boy

And for the last pic I found this from our New Years extravaganza.  Jennifer was drinking but I have a feeling she was hamming it up a bit here…

Jen's gonna be mad 🙂

OK thats all for now I have much to do almost 2000 pics to organize so will be adding much more soon.

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