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Just some sketches

OK so I am doing my homework and forcing myself to do some sketches. I have been working a lot and truthfully I am just not called upon by my clients to sketch anymore. As a traditionally trained artist I cannot allow myself to lose this most basic of skills. I have decided to sketch on my cintiq using photos I have taken recently as the subject. Maybe in the future I will purchase the smaller portable cintiq and take this exercise outside but for now this will suffice.

I found this bike on the sidewalk on a recent walk through Liantang. You find these everywhere outfitted with saddlebag style cargo racks. I am thinking this one is probably to deliver bottled water.

Water Delivery Bike

This is a neighborhood or ” Hu-tong ” that has been demolished obviously to make way for some new construction, most likely high priced apartment complex towers like you see everywhere here. People are still living in the surviving structures and from the look of things I doubt if they will be moving into the new buildings that are replacing their neighborhood. The disparity in wealth is a serious problem in all nations; America included, but here in China you can really see the stark reality between those who have and those who don’t.

Rubble Town

Another common site is human powered cargo transport. This guy was walking quite fast on his way to one of the many recycling centers.

Trash Cart

I feel ok about my sketches,they took too long and I am rusty but I know its all about the milage so…

If anyone is interested in the technique I am using the sketching is done in CS5 Photoshop, Hard brush set at 100% opacity with Shape Dynamics and Transfer set at Pen Pressure. For the shading I just float a layer above set at 50% Opacity with straight fill.

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