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Minsk World

We came upon this by accident on an attempt to visit another place “Zhong Ying Jie ” Its actually listed as one of the must see tourist areas of Shenzhen. Unfortunately, tourist are not allowed to go and see the ” must see ” tourist area which we found out at the gates. So we looked around for something to do and low and behold  nearby is ” Minsk World “. The Soviet Aircraft carrier Minsk now resides in Yantian district, Shatoujiao (沙头角) a sub-district of Shenzhen. According to what I could find out the ship is now on its 2nd owner ” CITIC Shenzhen ” which operates it as a military themed attraction. The ship was one of the Soviets fleet of 10 carriers until its decommission in 1993. I stitched a few shots together to try and get across how big she is.

Big Minsk

Especially interesting when you consider the Minsk is just a bit over half the displacement of USS Enterprise CVN65 the first Nuclear Powered Carrier and half the age as well. I am thinking Minsk is really what the US Navy would call a Helicopter carrier.


The entrance fee was a bit steep for the condition of the exhibits 120 RMB , $20 US approx but I still found it very interesting to be up close and personal with a piece of Soviet hardware. From what I have found out the ship was sold to its current owners for a mere 16 million US, quite a deal when you consider how much it cost to build and operate any warship and specifically a carrier.

Sam site anyone?

The ship is found in what looks to be the deserted remains of a large military themepark. There are a big empty buildings and leftover hardware like these anti air missile batteries. Oh well on to the big girl…

Obligatory Photo OP

The Ship is anchored just offshore connected by large steel gangway perfect for pictures and of course its fun to walk towards the ship with high hopes for what we may find.

Fish for lunch

As we approach the ship there are people fishing off the sides, not sure I would want to eat what they catch here, but then again I suppose it has the virtue of being fresh.

View Forward Entranceway

Almost inside now, I have always loved the feeling of being up close to a large ship, something about the mass of the thing, hanging over you like a man made mountain.

Inside the Ship

Down in this open area there is not a whole lot of activity, again I think this attraction has definitely seen better days. In China I am always interested by the lack of crowd control, we are basically just wandering around the interior of this ship. There are no park employees on hand, I suppose it has something to do with the difference in culture.


This would be a great place to have some interactive displays or presentations describing the ship, its history, Operations etc… There is a little stage for something but its not in service, ditto for the flight simulator ride.

Jet Engine

An engine is on display, I believe it one from the Yak 38M, the soviet version of our Harrier aircraft. The Minsk was designed to carry 12 of them along with 20 KA 27 Anti Sub Helicopters.

Bow Anchor

This brings back some memories for me of my time in the US Navy. I was a “deck ape” and my division was in charge of the bow anchor on AD 37 Samuel G. Seems like a million years ago now.

Bow Anchor 2

Large lines and heavy steel.

Large Lines

The real reason Popeye had those huge forearms. Hard to believe from looking at these things but sailors haul lines in by hand, not alone of course…

Head Decorations

In the Head ( bathroom ) I spy these little illustrations over the urinals, I asked fanny for a translation but she didnt understand it either…

Cold War Tech...

There is a large area full of old equipment on display. There are some descriptive plaques but they are mostly in Chinese so your guess is as good as mine. Much of it looks very old tech, I assume anything of real value or significance was removed when the ship was sold.

Made in America?

This was interesting its on a diving suit that was on display, Does this mean the Soviets were using American gear or is it just filler for whatever equipment they actually used?

WW2 Soviet anti Nazi Posters

I have always loved these old propaganda posters. I believe these are from the World War II era.


The bridge seems pretty low tech for a ship the age of  Minsk. But from what I have read this is in keeping with their design philosophy. I especially like the roll indicator on the bulkhead.

Contact Designation B

Its fun to imagine what this place was like years ago. Its really a shame they haven’t refurbished it…

Aircraft Observation

I believe this observation blister was for the “air boss” during flight operations.

Be Careful

I agree you could definitely hurt yourself around here.

On the Flight Deck

Captain on Deck!

Mig Presentation

This would be the one handed presentation pose.

Tired Mig

I dont know much about Soviet aircraft but I am pretty sure these are not the planes Minsk would carry.

Rambo 3

Wasn’t this in Rambo III? Is it scary that I not only have seen that film but somehow remember it?

Whats Below?

Sailors have to be skinny…

Torpedoes on Display

Down below is the forward torpedo room thas a big torpedo you got there mister…

Missile Launcher

Anti everything missiles, I am pretty sure those are not real. Earlier inside we saw the big room where the missiles were kept.

View from Bow

Peace Doves

As we leave we walked through a public park, there was some kind of storage building which seems to be very popular with the local dove population. Well, in the end I found that quite interesting and well worth checking out. The ship is not in good shape and for a non chinese speaker, not much information available but still fun. We will have to go to Hong Kong to see the Zhong Ying Jie street before I leave. Its supposed to be very cool as it is the official border between Hong Kong and China.

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  1. Awesome report – I can’t believe I never visited there in my two years in SZ.

    • Glad you liked it 🙂 We enjoyed that place a lot, especially since we found it almost by accident trying to get across to Hong Kong.


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