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Windows of the World

On our second visit to Themed Entertainment offerings in Shenzhen we chose Windows of the World. Much like ” Splendid China ” the theme here is important cultural and historical sights reproduced in miniature. This park will focus on sites outside of mainland China, should be interesting.


Unfortunately the weather today is not great. Its overcast and a bit cold, hopefully will not rain on us as we travel the globe.

Big Mask

This first area is the World Stage Fountain no show going on now but it is full of glimpses of what we will see inside the park.

Giant Globe

There are a number of entrances to the different parts of the park, so far I don’t see much in the way of directional signage but we have a map  so I believe we will just pick one and go.

China Archway


I think if we come back it would be fun to take the overhead tram which looks like it runs across most of park , but it is down for maintenance today.

Under Maintenance

A sculpture park seems to be a popular place for guest to relax a bit. The sculptures are fun, this one I remember from my art history classes as depicting the raising of Romulus and Remus twin brothers who founded Rome.

Wolf Mother of Rome

As we are walking a motorized float buzzes by pretty fast complete with pretty waving girls, somewhat bored looking guys and what sounds like Electro ” Mariachi ” music. I am beginning to think this park is a bit surreal. ” buy the ticket take the ride ”


Up ahead It looks like we can travel back in time here. the brontosaur moves a little bit and while munching leaves and groaning…

Dinosaurs ahead

Who can pass up a chance to see the primordial earth?

Jurassic Entrance

Wasn’t this the dinosaur from JP III?  Spinosaurus or something, I especially enjoy the jerking motorized body movements and assorted squeaks and growls. From what I remember this particular dinosaur was larger then a T Rex, 12 to 17 meters. Oh well…

Jurassic park III

Having returned to our own epoch safely we are now viewing the Grand canyon. Its just as I remember it…I am not sure if the plants are overgrown or intentional but it is a bit strange.

Grand Canyon

Down below the mighty Colorado river rushes by.

Mighty Colorado River

Abruptly we are transported to Egypt and the temple of Abu Simbei I can only assume the Colorado is now the Nile. The workmanship here is good, much better then what we saw in the actual Egyptian area.

Egyptian Temple

Here we have some nice architectural exhibits, the St Micheal Abbey in France, I assume the windmills mean we are heading for Holland. At this point I think we can just give up on the map as it makes little sense to me.


The Taj Mahal is quite nice actually, its funny how some of the exhibits are done very well while others not so much. I am going to do a bit of research and see if I can find out some info on the history of this park. I suspect that the reason for all the miniature recreation in these parks is that it is not possible for most Chinese people to travel outside their living area. I assume as China moves forward this situation will change.

Mini Taj mahal

This is Angkor Wat in Cambodia, another place I really want to see in reality, specifically the “Ta Prohm” monastery as it still has some of the overgrown  jungle trees in place.

Angkor Wat

This was interesting, the sculpture is depicting the attack of a giant crocodile on a hapless water buffalo. As for the impromptu photo op I guess you  call this an interactive guest experience.


Hungry Hungry Hippo


This Mt Fuji is actually a 4D theatre we have arrived at the wrong time though so won’t be going in.

Mt Fuji

That’s japan down there, looks pretty nice but I don’t see a way down that wont hurt my knee so will have to put this off till a later date. China is not what you would call handicap accessible, which has become much more apparent to me since my recent knee surgery.


Feeding the Koi, always fun, this is one of the few places I have seen here in Shenzhen where they have them, I suppose this may be because in other areas people can get to them.

Koi Pond

There is a live stage show going on down below…

Stage show

Put Put golf anyone?

Europe again

The Eiffel tower is nice but again not going up there till the knee is healed.


I believe this area was called Flying over America, not sure why since we seem to be on ground level here. Just as in Splendid China there is no effort put towards protecting the exhibits, although these do seem to be in better condition, this may be due to more visible staff.


The Jefferson Memorial.


I wish I knew what this is supposed to depict.

The People

And there you have it Washington DC and Mt Rushmore together at last.

Mt Rushmore

New York city in all its glory. this reminds me of my first freelance job, building a scale model of Manhattan  island.

Manhattan Island

Unfortunately the model no longer exist as it was part of  the pre-show for the Twin Towers observation deck, destroyed on 911.

My Manhattan

Statue of Liberty and paddle boats, makes sense to me…

Statue Of Liberty

This I thought was pretty cool, It is depicting the Scribed designs at Nazca in the Andes Mountains, Peru. The lines form symbols which are best viewed from the air, makes you wonder what was really going on back then…

Alien Landing Fields

The Niagara Falls were nice and very popular with guest for pictures.


I suppose it is to the builders credit that these exhibits are in as good a shape as they are.

Photo Op

As we are leaving we find the assembled Toshiba tour group staging area, quite a few people here. This does illustrate just how much opportunity there is here in China for Themed Entertainment. It seems obvious to say but there really are just an enormous number of people here and they are hungry for any kind of entertainment. Shenzhen’s proximity to Hong Kong and the cities lack of any indigenous culture make it a perfect place to develop new attractions.

Samsung Tour Group

The entrance to the metro is housed in the Louvre

The Louvre

All in all an enjoyable if slightly confused experience. I think I would like to come back later in the summer and see some of the areas we missed this time around.

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  1. Fanny Lin #

    Next time, I will have you holding the map and decide where to go, so you won’t feel the park is lacking of directions.


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