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First Impressions, living in China

I have been taking pictures of things that interest me here in China, later and will be adding some images from my earlier trips to Beijing and Taiwan but for now will just be things seen here in Shenzhen. Recently I started an account with Flickr where if I can ever get it set up correctly will be the original size images and more… These pics were taken on my first trip to Shenzhen specifically Futian.

Here is what Wikipedia has to say:

Futian District (simplified Chinese: 福田区; traditional Chinese: 福田區; pinyinFútián Qū) is one of seven districts of the city of Shenzhen in Guangdong province, China. It is home to many high-rises, with some of the most important buildings in Shenzhen, such as the SEG TowerChina Merchants Bank, Shenzhen Library and Concert Hall, Shenzhen Development Bank and the Shenzhen City Hall.

Futian has a population of about 885,000 as of 2002. It is mostly a residential district in Shenzhen; it is known as “The hub of living in Shenzhen”.

For me so far Futian reminds me more then anything of Orange County CA specifically Irvine. The city is large and there is a huge amount of development, obviously money is being made and the people here are embracing the consumer culture whole heartedly. As far as I know not much of the city is older then say 30 years and almost everyone here is from somewhere else.

These first pictures are from the apartment Fanny and I shared during my stay in 2010.

Our Building

A view of our building complex from the pedestrian overpass. Unlike in the States most people live in these large community buildings as opposed to individual houses. The buildings have community use space for all the occupants and parking around the base and underground.

Underground Parking

A view on the way up, we are on the third floor. I especially enjoy the high tech appearance of many of the building here, unfortunately many of them don’t seem to be built very well, It will be interesting to see how they look in the years to come.

A view from below

It seems that all the apartments here have these metal security doors, must be a good business to be in. I haven’t heard much on the crime statistics here but there must be a reason. In some other pictures you can see that this treatment is also applied to the windows…

Front door

some views from inside the apartment. this unit is actually 3 bedrooms but as you can see we are not talking about a lot of space. I would estimate the whole deal is around 800 SQ feet.

view from kitchen

This apartment is rented furnished, which is good for us as we will not be staying long but it does make for some interesting visuals.The main room lighting had this underwater blue disco setting, not sure why but what the hell:)

Blue Disco Light setting

This trip I wasn’t here long enough to justify buying a desk so I made do with what I assume was intended to be a dinner table. It served the purpose but was not what you would call ideal ergonomically. That little white thing on the far right was our fridge, needless to say people here don’t store much food… The local neighborhood makes this not an issue however as almost anything you need is usually within a short walking distance. If thats not enough convenience, you can have almost anything delivered so long as your bill exceeds 2 US dollars.

my little work space

Most of our food was consumed either in local restaurants or delivered to us but we did have occasion to use this little kitchen and it served its purpose reasonably well. My biggest complaint would have to be lack of usable counter and cabinet space, you may see cabinet doors but don’t let that fool ya:)


This gas range was interesting, it seems to be a standard unit as our current place has one just like it. It has two settings; ” no fire”  and ” somethings burning “, the overhead extractor fan got much use on the few occasions I ventured here.

gas range

Having spent time on navy ships I can cope with spartan facilities, but that doesn’t mean its any fun. I would say this an area of chinese interior design that needs some serious attention. Everything in here is hard and oh so slippery when wet. Not to mention the lack of shower door or even curtains.


For me the nicest thing about this apartment was the outside deck, it was quite large and had a nice view, even though we were on the 3rd floor the noise from street wasn’t too bad.

View from the balcony

Looking right

Balcony Dragon

Not sure what this cute little guys job was but there were a number of them cemented to the railing. Fanny believes they are there to prevent  ” Bad Luck ” or ” Bad Spirits ”  I suppose it worked as we had no trouble while here…

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  1. Nice couch…but I think you could have found one of these at home! Where is the Lucky Raccoon?

    • I think you are referring to the little lucky cat with waving paw:)


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